Tanks in Company of Heroes 3 will be dynamically filthy

The developers at Relic have released a new video undergoing new artistic changes to Company of Heroes 3and his attempts at authenticity and fidelity in the next World War 2 RTS. The development journal video posted on Youtube discusses how to get tanks dirty, get the right patches on soldiers’ arms, and make sure that when things explode, they explode really well but also true correct.

Complex vehicle shaders, specifically, will now change the appearance of tanks based on the environment they move through. “The kind of dirt you would see on the ground is the kind of dirt that will show up on your vehicle,” says lead artist Kristian Bourdage. Damage will also be more dynamic, with bullet and projectile impacts in the correct locations.

Another system allows specific soldiers to appear with the emblems and insignia, as well as helmets and other equipment, that correspond to the historical division they were assigned to.

“We watched a lot of WWII documentaries, we read some books, we read technical journals, just to try and get a look at what this gun looks like when it goes off,” said senior artist Michael Mussellam. All of this was done with the aim of making explosions, gunfire and smoke look like they would in real life.

Company of Heroes 3 is set to release this year as the latest in Relic’s WWII RTS franchise.

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