Summon Jeeps and launch nukes in the upcoming battle royale Super People

You won’t believe this but the next battle royale game super people (opens in new tab) it’s all about, well, super powers. What really caught my eye in the Super People trailer on PC game program (opens in new tab) today, it was the last Driver class monster truck summon in the game – perhaps the only superpower I never knew I wanted.

Super People is a late challenger in the battle royale space, with developer Wonder People hoping to offer a combination of gameplay refinements and entirely new mechanics to provide a grounded but still choppy and aggressive approach to the formula.

Super People shares more DNA with the progenitor of the genre, PUBG: Battleground (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds), taking a similar camera perspective, equipment system and focus on a more realistic and modern military aesthetic. Super People diverges from PUBG with an accompanying class and skill system.

Super People is more held back than Apex Legends, with a focus on heroes. Instead of that game’s array of mobility and area control options, Super People soldiers have a selection of more mundane abilities: Firestorm gets Molotov cocktails and a long-wait RPG, while Driver can detect and summon standard vehicles at a short distance, while access to his more bombastic ultimate abilities is blocked until the end of a given match.

Late in the game, Firestorm gains access to a Fallout 3-style tactical nuke, while Driver gains access to the aforementioned “monster truck”, a purple and gold humvee he can summon at will that is highly resistant to damage. Other classes that stand out to me from pre-release materials include the Shotgun Master, who has access to a super jump ability and can temporarily strengthen his titular weapon with the power of a battle tank as his ultimate. Oh, and the Seeker, who has access to a Predator-style hunter vision to track enemies.

Super People takes a page from MOBAs and sees players leveling up as the match goes on, with experience points gained primarily from defeating enemy players. The game also dynamically changes the size of the initial playable area based on the number of players in a lobby. Together, these two mechanics encourage aggressive play and fast-paced matches with less downtime.

In an additional twist, class selection is random at the start of a match and can only be replayed with in-game currency. I really like the idea here: discouraging having a “main” like other class-based shooters and instead encouraging a certain virtuosity with the game’s systems. With random selection, you’re better off having a working knowledge of each class than mastering one. This can also lessen the risks of sandbox balancing a bit – you don’t want extreme discrepancies in either direction, OP or weak, but if any class is more desirable than the others, it won’t turn into mirror-matched lobbies

The Super People’s PC Gaming Show trailer featured a pre-rendered mockup of the game’s style, showcasing both Nuclear and Gatling Soldier’s capabilities, as well as Driver’s sick ride. The trailer ends with the announcement of a developer live stream on June 16 and the game’s final beta in August.

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