Street Fighter 5 gets ‘ultimate update’ with cel-shaded visuals

Capcom recently teased street fighter 6as part of the series’ 35th anniversary celebrations, and has now announced what will likely be the last major update for Street Fighter 5. It arrives on March 29 and is described as the ‘definite update’, and adds some unexpected but great look. Features: Chief among them is a cel-shading filter that makes the game absolutely gorgeous and like a descendant of the long-lost Alpha series.

There’s also a pixel filter that gives the game a more classic look, although unfortunately both come with one big caveat: only play offline, which is a bummer. This pixel filter, however, is weird, looking more like a faded CRT screen. Clearly, we’ll have to see him in action properly.

In addition to appearance, the update makes a number of balance changes and, judging by the video above, adds some new combo sequences for existing characters. It also adds some new character theme remixes, including those by Dan, Rose, and Oro, while Capcom has also added a bunch of new colors for each character.

(Image credit: Capcom)

This is a bit like history repeating itself: when Capcom ended development on Street Fighter IV, they also added filters and the like in the final updates. The company’s focus is now on Street Fighter 6, although given the somewhat bumpy launch of Street Fighter 5, it must be recognized that the game is now, after years of substantial support, in great shape.

Expect more Street Fighter 6 news this summer.

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