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Streamer xQc Admits $2 Million Game Losses Last Month, Gets Reprimanded By His Father On Stream

Streamer Félix Lengyel, better known by his online alias xQc, admitted to spamming about two million dollars up the wall in gambling last month. xQc’s career began in professional Overwatch, before moving to full-time streaming content, and he has been the most-watched personality on Twitch for several years. According to last year Twitch internal data leakhe is the service’s highest-paid star: grossing around $8 million as of 2019.

Gambling isn’t all that new: xQc has talked about its problems in the past and, in fact, often broadcasts itself by playing: as he said earlier, “every game I play, all I do is bet”. He talked about it on a podcast with another highly successful streamer, Pokimane, while discussing a poker tournament, saying “it’s fun, I can afford it, I can afford it”. When Pokimane asked if he had so much fun playing when no one was watching, xQc replied:

“Yes, I’m addicted. I lost $2 million… $1.85 million this month.”

“I have one of the biggest, most insanely addictive personalities you’ll ever meet. I’m addicted to everything I do. […] I still do. That’s nice? No, this is terrible. This is a disease. That’s sick. I am sick. But you know what, I can afford to be sick. I’m lucky.”

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The streamer’s comments acquired wider coverage than usual, with eSports website Dexerto running an article that xQc’s father saw. This prompted Mr Lengyel to call his son who, of course, was broadcasting at the timeand answered the phone saying “what’s up?”

“What do you mean what’s going on?” her father replied. “Desert?”

“Stop,” said xQc. “Stop. Yes, I lost some money yesterday. What about that? I lose money sometimes. It happens.”

“You are my little boy!” his father responds, before switching to French to ask how he’s feeling and if he needs to worry. He says he almost flew straight to Los Angeles when he saw the article out of concern and “because I love you”. xQc tells his father not to believe everything he reads in the media and asks him directly.

The call ends shortly afterwards. xQc has spoken at length about his problems in the past, but even for a guy who is making a lot of money, a loss of nearly $2 million in a month is an eye-watering amount: no wonder his dad is upset . The streamer has not commented since the incident, but if he has would be in capitals.

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