Steam Deck’s major update makes it safer, easier to use and extends battery life

The valve continues to update the steam deck at a steady pace, delivering improvements and patches for the gaming handheld PC, increasingly shaping it into a complete console in its own right. And today’s update is more than just a quick patch, too. With a new lock screen feature, extended dock and charging support, new features and even improved battery life in some cases.

Since there’s so much to cover, let’s get straight to the new features worth checking out.

  • new lock screen – This can be set to appear on power-up, startup, login or when switching to desktop for added security. It’s a PIN entry, so don’t forget yours if you set it up.
  • keyboards located – There are now 21 more languages ​​and layouts available on the Steam Deck in case regular QWERTY English isn’t your style. Valve says it is also working on Chinese, Japanese and Korean layouts.
  • Switching multiple windows – It is now possible to switch between multiple windows of the same application. For example, tabs from a web browser.
  • Updated achievements page – If you’re the trophy chasing type, the Steam Deck page is now faster and easier to navigate.

And when it comes to updates to the Steam Deck experience, today’s update has a few worth talking about.

  • Compatibility – Valve says it has expanded compatibility with Type-C dock, charger, and SD card. This makes us hopeful of making the Steam Deck work with our office docks, which he initially struggled with. The official Steam Deck dock is still MIA, but whose specification has been has been improved recently.
  • Added fTPM support – This means you can meet Windows 11’s minimum requirements on the Steam Deck, although to be honest it wasn’t particularly difficult to deal with Rufus tool.
  • Improved battery life – Battery life should be better when idle now, preventing your Deck from draining the battery when nothing is happening.
  • improved stability – A big wave, but general stability improvements are welcome.
  • New quick access menu tools – It is now possible to enable half-rate shading and unlimited frame rate in the quick access menu.

You can read the full patch notes on here.

Valve clearly didn’t just push the Steam Deck out to the public and then call it a day, and it’s nice to see these semi-regular updates bringing a lot of new features to the fore. The Steam Deck has a lot of potential, and while we’re usually big fans of it, there’s definitely room to improve and get the most out of PC gaming on the go.

Hopefully there are some big performance-enhancing improvements on the way too, eh Valve?

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