Start your own human instrumentality project with this Evangelion-themed RTX 3090

Asus will release a limited edition RTX 3090 24GB GPU inspired by the most confusing and depressing anime of all time, Neon Genesis Evangelion. How limited, you ask? Well, Taiwan retailer, CoolPC (thanks @momomo_us) has opened pre-orders on the card and will only sell 15 of these GPUs.

The Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090 O24G Evangelion Edition is priced at TWD $63,990 or $2,185 USD, which is only slightly more expensive than the Asus ROG RTX 3090s without anime theme. Each order comes with a ROG Herculx GPU holder from the RTX 3090 it’s a pretty robust piece of hardware and some PCs need the support.

The aggressive purple and green color scheme is based on the EVA-Unit 1, the giant mech that the series’ protagonist and the world’s most annoying boy, Shinji Ikari, pilots. However, I hope that when you remove the cap, you won’t find any dents or strange red goo. One side shows the bust of EVA-01, while fans have a logo for NERV HQ, Unit-1 and ROG.

The product list (translated from Chinese) makes no mention of lighting, but the GPU it is based on has LED lights on top of the unit that can be customized via ROG’s Armory Crate software. The product photos show a subtle red glow which I can only assume is the lights in action and not the GPU waking up to kill the Angels.

The only touch I think EVA fans will like is that the top of the GPU has a long sync bar with the ROG logo in the middle showing a 100% sync rate.

In the context of the anime, a 100% sync rate means the pilot and their EVA are completely in sync with each other, allowing for maximum butt kicks. What vibration do you want when installing a graphics card.

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(Image credit: ROG)
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EVA-themed RTX 3090 in front of a white background.

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EVA-themed RTX 3090 in front of a white background.

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CoolPC plans to close pre-orders in four days or so once orders are fulfilled, so as I write this, there is still time to pre-order. There’s no word from Asus about a promotion like this coming to North America.

If you’re all-in on all things EVA, CoolPC is running a similar promotion for a Evangelion-themed MSI desktop PC (minus a CPU/GPU) that even comes with your choice of a Unit 1 purple umbrella or fanny pack for just over $600 USD.

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