Starfield Is Finally Getting ‘Finishing Touches’ And Could Actually Launch in 2023

Despite all the clouds around Starfield’s delay (opens in new tab) in a vague window of 2023, a silver lining appeared. Todd Howard said Bethesda is “putting the finishing touch starfield (opens in new tab)“, calling it “an incredible opportunity”.

As reported by Radar Games (opens in new tab), the game director revealed that the team is approaching the finish line during a press conference ahead of this year’s non-E3. Howard expressed his excitement at finally bringing the space RPG to his eager fans.

“Our ability to transport people, to put them into new worlds where they can have experiences that – the moment you’re in them – they feel real for what they are and the emotions you have,” he said. “We’ve seen that with our other franchises like Elder Scrolls, with Skyrim and the Fallout series. We’re working very closely with Xbox right now to make [Starfield] the best possible experience.”

starfield_expected_early_2023_on_the_bottom_of from r/Starfield

As if that wasn’t exciting enough for Starfield fans, there’s another glimmer of hope that Starfield’s revised release could be narrowing down to a solid date as we speak. It’s currently expected anytime in the first half of 2023. However, a vigilant redditor has noted that the Game Pass sign-up screen now shows Starfield’s release date as “early 2023”. It’s still a pretty wide window, but it looks a little more concise than the previous one.

With the Xbox showcase set to air on June 12, it would be criminal if there wasn’t a single mention of Starfield throughout the entire presentation. we are obliged to listen something, even if it’s to reiterate that yes, this game will release eventually. I hope it’s a little more than that, but we’ll find out soon.

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