Star Wars: The Old Republic Finally Lets You Change Your Weapon’s Appearance

wearing my myriad of alts is without a doubt one of the main attractions of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Of course, I love the drama-rich class stories and, while Legacy of the Sith was a failure, there have been some major expansions, but I’m not sure I would have stayed for a decade if it weren’t for my obsession with Star Wars fashion. I’m really happy with the latest update then, because it finally gives me full control over my characters’ earnings.

While players have been able to customize their outfits since the Rise of the Emperor update in 2015, weapons have been excluded from the Outfitter feature. If you really liked the way your weapon looked and wanted to keep using it, you would need to keep replacing all your mods, and with the leveling pace in SWTOR, it made more sense to use whatever weapon you had as a class or drop reward.

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

That’s all in the past now. This week, Update 7.0.2 expands the Outfitter to include weapons. It works the same way as armor: select one of your outfits in the Outfitter tab, then take the weapon that looks like you want it from your inventory, placing it in the appropriate slot. Your real weapon’s stats will still be used, but will now have the look, sound, and visual effects of the Outfitter’s weapon. This includes the color crystal and weapon tuning.

This will cost you a few credits, but considering how easy it is to become a multimillionaire in SWTOR, it shouldn’t break the bank. And it’s worth avoiding being made fun of for not having a drip by precocious puppies.

The addition of weapons to the Outfitter is the highlight of the update, but 7.0.2 also includes a plethora of fixes, which you can check out at patch notes. Another double XP event is also imminent, starting on May 3 and running through May 10.

Now go try out some new looks.

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