Stanley Parable developers highlight their new ultra deluxe accessibility options

Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is finally out, remaking the meta-packed office adventure with a modern facelift and key new features like a world-skip button and a bucket of uncertain emotional value. Developers Crows Crows Crows also added some less satirical updates, such as an exhaustive list of new accessibility features that were detailed on Twitter.

“It’s important to us that The Stanley Parable can be enjoyed by as many people as possible”, the Crows Crows Crows developers said. “That’s why we’ve introduced many new accessibility settings and quality of life features in the Ultra Deluxe edition.”

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Some of the accessibility options included in the Ultra Deluxe version are things that are widely considered stock standard these days. SP:UD has fully customizable controls for gamepad and keyboard/mouse, detailed volume controls and customizable subtitles increasingly available. A one-handed walk mode, which Crows 3x says he refers to as “cafe mode”, allows players to navigate entirely by pointing the mouse and holding both mouse buttons and that “yes, this is entirely taken from World of Warcraft” .

Crows Crows Crows went a couple of extra miles with even more useful options. There is an important choice early in the game between a red and a blue door, which players with certain visual impairments may have a hard time differentiating. A settings toggle provides a Stanley-style solution and puts the words “RED” and “BLUE” on both ports so there’s no mistaking it.

Another toggle option will provide content warnings to players, particularly for sections of the game dealing with suicidal themes. Players will find an elegant option to skip these endings completely when they are about to enter them and still get credit for the completion.

Crows Crows Crows isn’t yet, saying it’s currently working on even more requested accessibility features, including “a switchable reticle/crosshairs to reduce motion sickness” and “slow game down on time-sensitive inputs (such as doors before the end of the escape pod)”.

The rest of the new SP:UD is equally welcome, says Chris in our 88% Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Reviewin what he calls “a delightful update that fills the original game with even more humorous and thoughtful rabbit holes to get lost in”.

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