Speedrunning Neon White FPS game finally gets a release date

Neon White is mostly about being a killer from hell with the chance to get to heaven by performing incredible move combinations at a lightning pace. But it’s also about looking great and flirting, which, come on, is a great hobby. The card-based, action, FPS, speedrunning, um, flirting simulator finally has a release date and another hot trailer.

In the new Summer Game Fest trailer, you can finally expect to play Neon White on June 16, 2022, just around the corner. In case you missed what Neon White is all about, it’s all about speed and using moves in the form of cards to kill and run around the map. You kill demons as a Neon, a group of people “snatched” from hell to do the dirty work. And while it might be a chore for the cast, it looks pretty badass to us.

A demo for Neon White was available on Steam not long ago. It was there that we all experienced just how competitive this single-player game can be. Speedrunning is a part of the games we normally watch others in, but here at Neon White, the faster the better.

While the main gameplay is all about this speed and accuracy, by doing parkour through the game’s maps, you can stuff other Neons with gifts and talk to a weird cat-angel in sunglasses and a robe that will give you the missions you’re going on. Accompanying this hectic, fast-paced gameplay is a Machine Girl soundtrack so you can nod your head as you go. We just have to wait until June to start murdering.

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