Soulslike ARPG Achilles: Legends Untold is coming to Early Access soon

Achilles has always been a grumpy type, and you can understand why. The Greek demigod underwent an immortality ritual that left his famous heel exposed, and then was sent to Centaur boarding school, where he was created to be a very effective but somewhat stubborn killing machine in the Trojan War. only to be hit by an arrow from Orlando Bloom – ergh).

It looks like someone has finally figured out that Achilles’ reputation as a one-man army makes him the perfect protagonist for a relentlessly combat-focused ARPG, which is what we have here in this trailer for Achilles: Legends Untold.

On the surface, it looks a bit Diablo, although developer Dark Point Games describes it as a soulslike, which really is the opposite of Diablo’s frictionless lootfest. If the developers are serious about the game’s soul sensibilities, you should expect endless fighting, consequent death, and a good chunk of the loot you take to be crap. The weapon stats approach also feels quite Soulsian, with what appears to be a stat scale based on your stats and various damage types: Physical, Dark, Magic, and Divine.

(Image credit: Dark Point Games)

Looks like good fun. There’s dodge-rolling, you can throw your circular shield like Captain America (or *ahem* Captain Hellenica), and of course you can do that ridiculous aerial swipe that I’m pretty sure was invented by Brad Pitt’s Achilles portrayal in the 2004 movie. The game looks like a bit of an ARPG power trip – you being Achilles and all – but presumably it’s a little harder than it sounds.

There’s also online co-op, which seems to let you play the game with a friend. Did Achilles have friends? Who were they? I think we’ll find out on May 12th when the game comes out Early Access to Steam.

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