Sony expects to earn $300 million from PC games in the next 12 months

Sony recently released a business segment briefing for shareholders with the grandiose title, PlayStation: The Path to Profitable Transformation (opens in new tab). Among the statements, the PS5 would be Sony’s “biggest platform ever” and that Sony Group collaborations such as the Uncharted movie and a Deathloop Madison beer remix “build brand relevance” and “amplify IP synergies.” ” is a most relevant section for us in the land of PC gaming.

“Exponential growth to be sustained by PC titles after FY22,” it states, above a bar graph of three years of net sales on PC. This shows that in fiscal 2020 Sony made $35 million from PC sales, a figure that jumped to $80 million in fiscal 2021, which ended March 31. The forecast for fiscal 2022 is another big leap, reaching $300 million in net sales on PC.

Supporting this is a graph showing the success of three former PlayStation exclusives that have finally made their way to PC, which emphasizes what Horizon Zero Dawn has gained. Its revenue to date of $60 million puts it well ahead of God of War at $26.2 million and Days Gone at $22.7 million.

How does Sony expect to raise that $300 million? The Playstation PC publishing seal established in 2021 It only has one release announced in its portfolio, and that is Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, which will be released this year. What big winners is Sony keeping under its hat? Is it too early to get excited about the possibility of a flurry of PC ports for games like Bloodborne, Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us?

Well, yes. Scrolling back two pages on this business segment briefing shows Sony’s plan for “A More Diverse First-Party Portfolio”. What that translates to is a graph that projects the number of live service games Sony expects to have, with the current total of one, MLB The Show 2022, growing to three next year.

That number could be counting Destiny 2, as Sony is currently in the process of acquiring Bungie in a $3.6 billion deal. Even so, that leaves at least one more live service game yet to be announced, and it’s hard to imagine Sony leaving money on the table by not bringing it to PC. That $300M could include an unannounced live service game, the pile of cash Bungie brings back from Destiny 2 microtransactions, and maybe even the non-Destiny game Bungie wants to makethat CEO Pete Parsons mentioned in 2019.

Sony’s upcoming State of Play showcase is expected to air during E3 we have at home 2022, perhaps as early as June. Whatever happens, expect at least something PC related to be announced then. And maybe we’ll hear about one of the several Silent Hill games should be in developmentgiven that rumors have persistently linked Sony to at least one as a timed exclusive for the PlayStation.

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