Skyrim’s iconic starting village is different in Unreal Engine 5

Christian Gomm, an environment artist at Myrkur Games, created a stunning mockup of some Skyrim starting locations rendered in Unreal Engine 5.

Seeing some low-res photos of Gomm’s work that were making the rounds on Reddit recently, I was wondering what significantly set this project apart from the numerous system-destroying lighting and texture revisions available on the Skyrim Nexus mods page, but I have to. admit I changed my tone after watching Original high resolution screenshots of Gomm and some videos of the demonstration in motion.

The quality of lighting, models and materials really makes Riverwood to burst like when I saw the village for the first time, 11 years ago. Gomm also recreated the western watchtowerwhere Skyrim’s first dragon battle takes place, as well as the Gate of Oblivion outside Kvatch from The Elder Scrolls 4. Graphics aren’t everything, but there’s something special about seeing these familiar scenes rendered so faithfully.

Bethesda remains committed to its own in-house technology for the foreseeable future, with its upcoming space RPG Starfield being built on the same foundations as previous Fallout and Elder Scrolls projects. Another developer behind great open-world RPGs, CD Project Red, recently revealed that they would be switching to Unreal Engine 5 for the untitled game. wizard 4despite built an impressive reputation with your RedEngine.

It’s early days for the latest iteration of Epic’s Unreal Engine, but the designs and demos we’ve seen so far have been impressive. The Matrix Awakens The demo in particular was an impressive introduction, and if the company’s promises around the UE5’s ease of use are true, it could provide the foundation for the next generation of great games.

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