Six months after its disastrous debut, Konami’s eFootball 2022 is ready to try again

eFootball 2022 was in a very sad state when it was released last year. Not as historically catastrophic as it is sometimes portrayed, but “slow and complicated”, we said in our 30% review (opens in new tab)and most importantly nowhere near complete: “What we’re playing right now is really just a public beta with an accompanying PR disaster.”

The idea, you see, was to rename Pro Evolution Soccer to eFootball, make it free to play and release with a very limited feature set and team selection, and then add more as optional paid DLC. It might seem reasonable on paper, but the scarcity of content, along with some serious technical issues, has led to a massive backlash in Steam (opens in new tab)The Konami’s apologies (opens in new tab)and a delay of the 1.0 release, which had been planned for November 11, 2021, in spring 2022.

Today Konami finally announced when the 1.0 release will happen – April 14th – and what it will include: Defense controls changes, passing improvements, additional fire trajectories, “strategic evolution through improved dribbling functionality” – which feels worthy of a direct quote—and improved online stability. Several additional minor features and changes have been worked on, “to bring back some beloved functionality and fix some issues”, and the overall responsiveness should be better thanks to the processing improvements.

Version 1.0 of eFootball 2022 will also add the Creative Team team customization mode, which has been renamed to Dream Team and has changed considerably from Konami’s original plan – although exactly how has not been revealed.

“We will continue to work on game improvement and updates beyond v1.0.0 to bring the best football experience to more and more fans”, Konami he said (opens in new tab). “As always, your valuable feedback is greatly appreciated.”

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The big question for Konami is whether they can change eFootball 2022 at this very late stage. The day after its release on Steam, Rich opined that it actually didn’t deserve to be the Most criticized game on Steam (opens in new tab) (a title that has since renounced War of the Three Kingdoms (opens in new tab)), but even so, overcoming the inertia of more than 24,000 negative user reviews will be a real task.

Full details on the release of eFootball 2022 1.0 will be shared on April 14, when it launches. Unfortunately for anyone looking forward to the mobile version of the game, this is still ongoing – an announcement about its release will be made shortly.

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