Silverstone’s PS5 SSD heatsink makes entry-level PC SSDs compatible

When it comes to customization options, console games still lag behind the PC space. One of the best things about being a PC gamer is the ability to tweak your build to suit your own needs.

Fortunately, consoles are improving. On the one hand, they all take external storage of some kind nowadays. Some, like the PS5, let you tweak the internal storage with a replaceable m.2 drive, but thanks to cooling issues, that wasn’t super simple.

When it comes to PCs, the motherboard usually has enough cooling to handle the heat from most drives connected to it. However, building a PS5 means SSDs require their own heatsink, which isn’t necessarily very common. Samsung recently put a heatsink on its 980 Promaking it a tempting choice for console owners, but this new third-party standalone cooler might just be the ticket.

SilverStone (discovered by hardware information) announced the TP06, a specially designed PS5 M.2 SSD heatsink cover. This precision-shaped aluminum alloy piece is designed to sit perfectly on top of the SSD and keep it cool. The hope is that it will give people a lot more options when it comes to upgrading their PS5 hardware, with plenty of SSDs to choose from regardless of heatsink.

And it’s quite necessary, with the file sizes of today’s high definition games, that space can fill up quickly. If you were lucky enough to get one PS5 with console shortage than you probably also experienced the desire for a bigger hard drive. We hope that SilverStone’s TP06 will come as reasonably priced as the proposed function.

Consoles aren’t necessarily the only ones that need new heatsink options for storage. SSDs are set to get hotter in the future, and some are predicting that SSD coolers will become the norm as technology heats up.

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