Silt is Limbo for people who need the extra terror of the deep sea, coming next month

Limbo is an all-time player when it comes to brutal and unnerving monochrome platformers. But Limbo is almost 12 years old, it’s about time someone came to not only knock him off his pedestal, but sink him into the dark and oppressive depths of the scariest place on Earth: the ocean.

We caught Silt for the first time in Last year’s PC Gaming Showcase, describing it as Abzu encounters Limbo. In fact, it’s very much like that – with you taking control of a diver swimming through an oppressive, desaturated underwater labyrinth where vision is limited and death comes quickly.

Silt has some of its own tricks to play, mind you. While the palette looks very Limbo, brighter areas show a world of hand-drawn creatures, ancient temples, and clockwork. You’re also not as helpless as Playdead’s eminently murderous lost boy – Silt’s diver can possess sea creatures to help solve puzzles, as well as harness the powers of the colossal deep-sea goliaths that lurk in hidden corners of the ocean. .

So a Limbo type, yes, but with enough focus on building worlds and mind-controlled fish to help you stand (err, swim) on your own two feet. the sludge comes out Steam on June 1st. Thalassaphobes do not need to apply.

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