Silent Hill Leak Seems Almost Confirmed By Konami DMCA Strike

Four images of an apparent reboot of Konami’s beloved Silent Hill series have leaked onto the internet – and were almost immediately clouded by a copyright attack, more or less confirming their authenticity. Additionally, a former Silent Hill developer lamented the lack of professionalism at studios that have “multiple people” supplying materials to a known leaker.

The last point isn’t direct confirmation, of course, but Konami’s lawyers certainly played a game. So… way to throw people off. the four images, which can be seen here, show an extremely messy living room filled with paraphernalia, garbage and (of course) a crib. The wallpaper is peeling, the windows are crooked, and all in all, it looks a lot like a Silent Hill location. Another photo shows a close-up of what appears to be an equally dilapidated kitchen.

The other screens show a red-dyed hallway covered in post-its, saying nice things like ‘pervert and ‘fat bitch’, with a figure appearing at the end of the aisle whose head looks like it’s been formed by the post-its. Then there’s a woman’s face where parts of her skin are missing, with similar scrawled messages visible underneath, saying even more beauty, like ‘minger’ and ‘I hate myself’.

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Finally, there’s a piece of concept art that the screenshot of the red runner is clearly based on. This image is dated in the lower right corner as being October 20, 2020 and is signed by Masahiro Ito – the former art director of Silent Hills.

Stuff right up the nose, and the use of British slang like ‘minger’ suggests that rumors of a UK setup are true (leading to some twitter jokes declaring that this is Silent Hull). The concept art also has a door with “He’s not a messiah, he’s a [indecipherable]—Team Robbie” scrawled on it, which is obviously a reference to Brian’s life and adds more credibility to the UK angle.

The leaker, AestheticGamer wrote while sharing the images (thank you): “There’s a lot I’m not sharing right now. This is from a relatively new source to me, but I’ve received more than enough evidence to believe them. I’ll also mention the names ‘Anita & Maya’, ‘SMS Messages’, and this isn’t the only Silent Hill game in development.

“The photos are a little dated, from 2020, so maybe this project looks a little different now. [this is] what I’m choosing to share. I know many will doubt this, but I have plenty of private evidence to show that this is real, and as always, I’m still waiting for the Silent Hill game reveal.”

Shortly after, the images were removed “in response to a report from the copyright holder” and the AestheticGamer Twitter account was temporarily blocked.

There have been rumors of a new Silent Hill for years, with Bloober Team said to be in development roles, but this is the most solid evidence so far that something is really out there. As wonderful as it was, PT now feels like an unbearably cruel fan base tease, which could have been definitive. It looks like we’ll soon find out what’s really coming next for one of the great horror series.

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