Sifu lets you be the student or the master with new difficulty options

Sifuthe tough martial arts fighter, is introducing difficulty options in a free update coming next week.

The May 3 update will split the game into three difficulties: student, disciple, and master. Developer Sloclap has yet to reveal where the original difficulty falls on that scale, saying in a tweet response that there will be “more on this very soon”. The update will also add an advanced training mode, clothing selection, and free outfits to go along with it.

The new features were revealed as part of a roadmap covering four major free updates scheduled to take place throughout the year. Summer will bring advanced scoring, gameplay modifiers, and new outfits. Autumn will add a replay editor with gameplay modifiers and additional outfits, while a winter update will once again add more outfits and mods, as well as a new game mode called Arenas.

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Some of the summer update modifiers have already been revealed and will include:

  • no pendant
  • a health point
  • no guard
  • stronger enemies
  • golden staff
  • All skills unlocked
  • bullet time

It’s good that Sloclap is trying to help make the game more accessible to a wider audience, but it also looks like these updates will do a good job of satisfying more skilled players looking for an added challenge. Tyler Wilde personally found the game hardness in the right measure in its original preview, going on to call the game “the most intrinsically enjoyable melee combat I’ve ever experienced” in its Sifu review.

“Sifu will test your patience, but learning to coolly dismantle a room full of henchmen with virtual kung fu is worth it.”

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