Sentinel is an upcoming wave defense FPS about alien hordes invading your spaceship

Independent developers Fireblade Software have announced a new game, Sentry, for release in 2023. In Sentry you are a defender trying to save a human ship fleeing a defeated Earth pursued by alien threats. When the aliens catch up to your ship, you have to fight in a dynamic defensive campaign that sees you fending off the enemy from different ship systems. The combination of first-person shooter and tower defense might remind you of classic for some Sanctuary.

Dynamic campaigns look particularly interesting as you can do this alone or with a friend. “Will you decide to destroy a smaller force, preventing them from taking a crucial subsystem? Or risk facing overwhelming odds by thwarting a larger enemy thrust, blunting your main advance?” reads the game’s description. There’s also a stated emphasis on smart enemies, which is a departure from most of the action tower defense genre.

Also, the idea of ​​the game is that defeat can be subverted. If you fail, another warrior is awakened from stasis to continue the fight, allowing you to continue the overall strategic situation as it is after your defeat. “There will be several short, playable campaigns with persistent updates to use in future runs,” say the developers.

Sentinel will release on Steam Early Access in 2023 and intends to remain in Early Access for 9 to 12 months. Fireblade Software was previously a developer of the FTL-like Abandon Ship, which we really like to write about a little.

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