See the Skyrim mod you didn’t know you needed: 4K cages

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is 10 and a half years old, but it’s still so popular that it regularly dominates the most downloaded mods on NexusMods, with the occasional Fallout 4 or Blade & Sorcery intruder. Exactly how popular does this make Skyrim? Popular enough that 9,000 people were excited this week to update the cages around the world with new 4K models.

“JS Common Cages SE” was the most downloaded mod on the Nexus last week, made by former Skyrim modder JohnSkyrim. Ordinary cages do not have a complex tone. The cages you’ll find animals, prisoners, and (probably more commonly) skeletons in? Well, they will get better now.

JohnSkyrim has made a critical improvement here, as listed in the Common Cages bullet points:

  • Updated with collisions that allow items and projectiles to pass through bar gaps

Finally, if you want to shoot some poor helpless prisoner in the face without worrying about letting him out first, you can put an arrow through these bars.

How many mods would you need to install to replace every item in Skyrim with a sharper, hand-polished 4K version? Probably many, although JohnSkyrim offers more than 100 himself, including 4K Dwemer Ichor Barrels, 4K Dragon Claws, and 4K Drums, Lutes and Flutes. I don’t know how to play the lute, but if I were to learn it, I would definitely like to do it on a 4K lute.

You might be tempted to think something like “well, I don’t really look at cages in Skyrim that closely, so I don’t need to modify them”. That’s what I thought at first. So I looked at the absolute blast these prisoners are having in the JohnSkyrim screenshots and changed my mind. For 92.5 MB, you can also change a skeleton’s life.

(Image credit: John Skyrim)

(Image credit: John Skyrim)

(Image credit: John Skyrim)

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