Schim is an adorable platform game about jumping from shadow to shadow

This year’s Day of the Devs is full of indie games that I really want to play, but Schim (opens in new tab) might be at the top of that list. Developed by Ewoud van der Werf, Schim is an environmental platformer about a small frog that jumps from shadow to shadow to get around.

Schim kind of looks like that part in Splatoon where you dip into ink and the dolphins jump over a gap to land in another puddle of ink, except your little shadow creature has to navigate to the real modern world of shadows. It’s basically a platformer with a world of irregularly shaped platforms that move constantly.

In the Developers Day segment, we see some fun examples of this, like jumping from car shadow to car shadow to cross a street as if you were a Frogger or hitchhiking around a curve in the shadow of a bicycle. You also seem to have a degree of control over the objects you are currently inhabiting. In one example, the player bends the board they are hiding behind and throws Schim across the street in the shadow of a scooter. Adorable.

Van der Werf says Schim is inspired by his memories of playing shadow games as a child. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who would walk to school and try to tread only in the shadows the entire way.

Schim doesn’t have a release date yet, but if you’re enjoying the look of him as much as I am, you can list him now at Steam (opens in new tab).

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