Save £45 on this Noblechairs Epic gaming chair right now

Noblechairs Epic is one of the best gaming chairs you can put your butt on. Comfortable, supportive and handsome, it ticks all the boxes you want from a modern gaming throne. The only real downside, really, is the price; something you can deftly avoid today thanks to a healthy £45 savings, bringing the price of this limited edition, copper and black for just £285. That’s a pretty good deal for your ass.

Sure, this is still a big change for a gaming chair, and there are definitely cheaper options out there, but this is one seriously well-made piece of furniture that will last. You’re looking at faux PU leather for the main lining, which is comfortable but also provides a sturdy surface that won’t get sticky when the sun finally hits.

This is the copper edition, so the stitching is tastefully chosen in copper, as are the headgear holes, which, when combined with the bands of black elsewhere, give the chair a sleek look. If this is not your bag, other color combinations are available, although it is this model that is enjoying such healthy savings right now.

I originally reviewed the epic black edition almost two years ago and it has been my main seat every day since then. The good news is that it has survived those two years brilliantly and it still looks as good as when I first put it together, with no obvious scuffs or scratches. The lumbar pillow is still doing an excellent job and is just as supportive as when I first put it together. I still love it, basically.

If you’re in the market for a gaming chair, there’s a lot to like about Noblechairs Epic. It’s a solid, well-built seat that will last, and right now, won’t hit your wallet as hard as it normally would. This chair is also easy to assemble, which is not always the case with gaming chairs.

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