Satisfied developers describe Update 6, new approach to achieving release

The developers at Coffee Stain Studios took a new approach for Update 6 to Satisfactory, releasing a 12-minute video outlining the entire update, as well as why they’re doing it. In short, they’re letting you know in advance that the update won’t be a big one, but that’s because they’re taking their time to really flesh out and prepare the game for the 1.0 release – which will likely be this year. To that end, Update 6 released sometime in early June could be the last major update before the whole thing happens.

You can watch the entire update video on Youtube.

Update 6 itself will be themed around exploration. To that end, he will focus on environmental changes, updated and new creatures, equipment additions, and in-game map improvements. Also, technical improvements are on the way, as is a possible rebalancing of how your factory overclocking works – we hope to make this a little more intuitive and cost-effective.

Terrain changes will focus on the north coast, using it to add a new biome. Other creatures will also get updates, but that huge crab in the reveal trailer in 2018 don’t come until later.

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