Rust gets ‘biggest gunfight update since launch’

Cruel but compelling survival simulator Rust has released one of its major updates in recent memory yesterday, making sweeping changes to the game’s firefights that for the most part seem to have been well-received by players (even if some of those players seem happy mainly because the update will make other dissatisfied players).

The headline changes revolve around the weapon’s recoil, which Facepunch says will give more advantage to players who manage to take down others, but will make things more difficult “for people who could spend thousands of hours training their aim, or morally bankrupt individuals.” who would choose to use scripts to their advantage.” A gradient-based aim offset replacing pattern-based recoil, and automatic weapons will lose accuracy the longer you hold the trigger.

Many minor quality of life changes have been made to combat, including a crosshair, a ‘hit cross’ that appears in the middle of your crosshairs when you hit an enemy, and clearer blood splatters on the screen so you can see where an enemy is coming from. enemy is shooting at you. It should add some accessibility to a game that is notorious for welcoming new players with the same kind of courtesy that piglets are greeted at a slaughterhouse.

(Image credit: Facepunch Studios)

Among the numerous other changes in this update, the most notable is now an ammo mixing desk, which allows you to batch craft basic ammo in much less time than before.

The update also brings the return of Hapis Island, the classic but buggy map that was removed just over a year ago after a major graphical update. The map has been reworked, with some outlying islands added and the desert south of the map being expanded.

This all sounds great, but my return to the game will be determined if my friend is still pulling his hair out after every three-day Rust spree and questioning – after hundreds of logged hours – if he’s actually enjoying it. I sincerely hope this update will bring you some kind of peace in your tortuous relationship with this game…

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