Retro Computer Museum in Ukraine Destroyed by Russian Bomb

A private collection of over 500 pieces of retro computer and technology history was destroyed by a Russian bomb in the city of Mariupol. The war in Ukraine is a tragedy on many levels, but while in no way corresponding to the senseless death by invading Russian forces, the destruction of the Mariupol Computer Museum is still sad.

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The destruction was highlighted by Mark Howlett on Twitter and confirmed by the Ukrainian Account of the Software and Computer Museum, which operates museums in Kharkiv and Kiev. The owner of the Mariupul collection, Dmitry Cherepanov, is reportedly safe, though his collection of computers, consoles and assorted technology from fifty years of computing has been wiped out.

“There is neither my museum nor my house,” writes Cherepanov on his Facebook page,

The museum itself may have disappeared, but Cherepanov was narrating your online exhibition collection for some time now, and while that’s all that’s left, it’s still a feature worth checking out. There are a number of fascinating old machines, including the Commodore C64, which still has a place in my heart as the first computer I ever owned. I loved that little boy. Although I switched with my brother’s Spectrum 128 to buy an Amiga 500.

In addition to images and information about all 120 computers and consoles in its collection, Cherepanov also hosts RetroBit Radio on the website too. It’s also worth spending some time if you feel the need for an 80s/90s gaming vibe.

(Image credit: it8bit)

If you have any recollections of the music from the old demo scene, it will be a real nostalgia hit. Cherepanov created a Paypal account for donations, the details of which you can find in your Facebook page.

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