Resident Evil Village is getting playable Lady D and a third-person mode

Just when we think note 3 (opens in new tab) was done, Capcom pulled us back for a live stream to announce some cool Resident Evil stuff. during today Capcom Showcase (opens in new tab), Capcom has announced that Resident Evil Village is getting a major update for both its story and side mode, Mercenaries. Soon, you’ll be able to put yourself in Lady Dimitrescu’s shoes and play through the entire Village in third person.

As cool as it is to replace Ethan with Lady D as the Village protagonist, the playable villains will be limited to Mercenaries side quests. In the trailer that Capcom showed, we got a brief glimpse of her grabbing the werewolf guy and throwing him to the ground. Also joining the ranks of the mercenaries is Karl Heisenberg, the evil hammer guy who for some reason always makes me think of meth, and Chris Redfield himself.

But for my money, the coolest and weirdest part of this update is the Village’s third-person mode, which essentially lets you turn off the most original thing about the newest Resident Evil game series.

I get it – for many, RE will always be best played over the shoulder. For me, it was the opposite. I thought RE2 Remake was good, but then I gave RE7 a chance and had a lot of fun with its more immersive combat. Everything is a little scarier when you can’t see around the corner. That said, third person is a really cool reason to return to the Village for a second playthrough. It looks like Capcom has worked to make it more or less like RE2 and RE3, with new third-person animations for all of RE Village’s spooky moments.

The last part Capcom talked about is a new Shadows of Rose side story released alongside this update. The new story stars Ethan’s adult daughter Rose and picks up right where RE Village left off. It’s all coming October 28, which should keep fans going until the RE4 Remake comes out in March 2023.

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