Ray Liotta, star of Goodfellas and GTA Vice City, dies at 67

Ray Liotta, the actor best known for playing mobster Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas, died Thursday at age 67. Liotta died in his sleep while in the Dominican Republic filming a new movie. according to the deadline.

Liotta’s breakout role came just a year before Goodfellas, when he played Shoeless baseball player Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams, but it was Scorsese’s mob epic that made him a gangster movie icon alongside Robert. DeNiro and Joe Pesci. Liotta regularly played tough guys in movies and was an intimidating presence even when he was laughing.

Liotta has only starred in a single video game in his career, but it was a big one: 2002’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. His performance as Vice City’s protagonist Tommy Vercetti gave Rockstar Games the gangster credit the studio aspired to. Vercetti’s story is a not-so-subtle riff on the ’80s movie Scarface, but Liotta made it his. The role certainly felt like a natural fit: As he told Conan O’Brien in a 2003 interview“You’re sitting there cursing people. It’s fun to do.”

Liotta certainly did more than that, though the voice lines I heard most in Vice City were probably the grunts and screams that sounded as I tossed Tommy over the handlebars of a motorcycle trying to make sick jumps.

A decade later, Liotta made yet another video game appearance in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead DLC pack. He starred alongside a few other gangster movie regulars as a prisoner fighting the undead horde on Alcatraz in what was likely the height of popularity for Call of Duty’s zombie mode. It’s not quite Tommy Vercetti’s iconic role, but it did give Liotta the chance to repeat his Goodfellas monologue one more time.

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