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Raven QA union vote moves forward with NLRB approval

As reported by Washington Postthe National Labor Relations Board has ruled that Raven Software’s 21-person Quality Assurance unit can move forward with a vote to unionize.

Activision Blizzard had previously challenged the move on the grounds that any potential union should encompass all of the roughly 230 employees across divisions at Raven Software, one of the developers behind the popular Call of Duty series.

The NLRB has rejected this logic, and all part-time and full-time QA workers at Raven have until May 20 to return their ballots, with a count taking place on May 23. room about the process.

Raven QA members initially came out in December to protest the company’s failure to renew the contracts of 11 QA workers, a significant portion of the unit, and they were later joined by members of other Activision Blizzard studios.

Raven QA employees formed a union, the Game Workers’ Alliance, in January and later ended the strike. In the absence of voluntary recognition by Activision Blizzard, the process proceeded under the supervision of the NLRB.

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Earlier this month, Activision Blizzard converted 1,000 QA employees from part-time to full-time and increased the base salary of QA employees at all of its studios except Raven. The NLRB prohibits the granting of benefits or salary increases to employees in the midst of a union campaign, an attempt to prevent employers from using such measures to influence an election.

Even so, the timing of change across the company was certainly unhappy to Raven’s quality control employees. If the union initiative is successful, it will undoubtedly be a high priority for them in negotiating their first contract.

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