Rain World: Downpour introduces us to its strange new slugcats

What’s cuter than a slugcat? Five slugcats, of course. The biggest future expansion of Rain World, Downpour (opens in new tab)It is

Downpour introduces five new Slugcat evolutions, each with their own abilities and story to tell, and today’s new trailer gave us a rundown of each one’s strengths, weaknesses, and playstyle tips. Useful, considering the original Rain World was described by our review (opens in new tab) as “among the darkest and most punishing worlds” we’ve ever seen.

The Rivulet is an axolotl-looking guy that can breathe underwater, while the Spearmaster has, err, a spear for a tail. Very handy for picking up food. Meanwhile, the saint doesn’t even touch a spear, preferring to avoid conflict at all costs by using his tongue as a grappling hook.

Rainworld: Downpour is still listed as Coming Soon, but you’ll be able to catch the slimy little slugcats when they finally release Steam (opens in new tab).

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