Potion Craft is leaving early access soon, with new quests, ingredients and potions

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator just made an appearance on the PC Gaming Show. Players have been brewing potions since early access started last year, and now it’s almost done, with developer niceplay and publisher tinyBuild planning to push it out in Q3 2022. In the meantime, watch the trailer above to get it. an idea of ​​what it means to move to 1.0.

Alchemists will have access to a new potions base and alchemy map, new salts and map mechanics, more ingredients and a revamped element system, new potions and more quests, which will also have additional requirements.

The early access phase seems to have gone down very well, earning a Very Positive user rating on Steam (opens in new tab). It’s well deserved, too. I’m totally burned out on crafting systems, but it turns out that a game almost entirely devoted to the act is still capable of hooking me.

You see, the journey to create each potion is a mini-adventure, started from the safety of your shop. As you add ingredients, knead them, pump the bellows, and dilute as needed, you’ll see your potion travel across the map. Keep pushing forward into the unknown and you’ll find effects, experience nodes, but also hazards that can ruin your mix. You only want the best for your customers, who range from farmers wanting help with their crops to knights looking for a little extra protection from dragons.

It’s all delightfully tactile and blessed with stunning artwork designed to evoke a medieval manuscript, and I found the entire process incredibly comforting until finally declaring that Potion Craft Finally Gave Me A Crafting System I Didn’t Hate (opens in new tab).

Potion Craft is currently available in early access on Steam, and at launch it will also be on GOG.

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