PlayStation president faces backlash after refusing to take a stand on abortion rights

Earlier this month, a leaked US Supreme Court draft revealed that it intended to overturn Roe v Wade, a 1973 ruling that legalized a woman’s right to abortion. It’s a move that provoked an overwhelming reaction and a tremendous moment from around a Sony executive.

In an internal e-mail sent this Thursday acquired by Bloomberg, PlayStation President Jim Ryan urged employees to “respect differences of opinion” on abortion rights. He then supposedly spent the next five paragraphs talking about his cat’s birthday.

This, of course, did not sit well with the team. Bloomberg reports that internal conversations from employees at several PlayStation studios expressed displeasure, with one writing that they “have never been this mad about a cat birthday before”. The sharp pivot made some employees feel that their rights had been violated or trivialized by the email.

Ryan’s comments contrast with those made by Bungie, which has firmly stated that “never” avoid politics declaring support for Roe v Wade – blasting critics on Twitter who told the Destiny creator to stick to the games. But of course Bungie was recent bought by Sony for a terrifying $3.6 billionand I can’t imagine the staff being particularly pleased with Ryan’s comments.

Bungie wasn’t alone in speaking out against Roe vs Wade’s takedown proposal, mind you. Shortly after making your announcement, Double Fine has teamed up with their own statement of supportlikewise encouraging fans to donate to charities supporting women.

I reached out to Bungie and Sony for comment.

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