PlayStation Game Pass-style service to be revealed next week

One new Bloomberg The report says Sony will unveil its Game Pass-like subscription service for PlayStation consoles, codenamed Spartacus, next week. The service, whose rumors first surfaced in end of 2021will combine Sony’s two current subscription services – PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus – with multiple tiers that provide access to different selections of contemporary and classic PlayStation games.

PlayStation Now is now available on PC and it works very well, and while it might feel a little less essential than it did a few years ago thanks to the recent adoption of Sony’s platform of choice, its extensive selection of PS2 games means it’s still a game. especially valuable tool for gamers who want to get acquainted with retro classics on their current PCs.

The other side of that equation – namely new game releases – seems strangely lacking, however. Spartacus will apparently not provide access to Sony’s biggest releases, like the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok, on launch day. This is very different from Microsoft’s Game Pass services, which make a point of giving you access to major game releases – things like Starfield, Redfall and The Outer Worlds 2, to name a few – the moment they’re available. That, to me, is the main reason why Game Pass is so great deal and big hits: The back catalog is impressive, but launch-day access to the biggest new games is the killer feature.

Interestingly, while Game Pass was a big winner for Microsoft and Sony is trying to cut a piece of the pie for itself, industry analyst Piers Harding-Rolls said at this year’s GDC that he doesn’t believe the industry is on the brink. of one Acquisition in the style of “Netflix of games” by any of them, or anyone else. Data firm Ampere Analysis says subscriptions make up just 4% of the total gaming market and predicts it will rise to 8.4% by 2027 – big money, yes, but still a relatively small part of the whole. They may be underestimating the trend, of course, but even if they’re half wrong, it’s still a significant minority of the general market.

While the new PlayStation subscription service is set to officially launch next week, there is currently no sign of when it will launch. We’ll let you know when we know.

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