Play Amplitude’s Endless Dungeon Early

We just got another glimpse of Amplitude Endless Dungeon (opens in new tab)– and its many eye-catching, alien-disintegrating explosions – in the PC game program (opens in new tab)accompanied by the news that you can now subscribe to (opens in new tab) to get their hands on builds in development.

Despite being known as a 4X developer, Humankind and Endless Space’s Amplitude Studios also knows a tactical roguelite. 2014 Infinity Dungeon (opens in new tab) expanded the endless sci-fi universe, creating random adventures through monster-infested dungeons rather than tales of conquest and intrigue on a galactic scale. And while Amplitude isn’t calling this a direct sequel, Endless Dungeon has that “same spirit”.

Fighting off hordes of alien monsters while trying to protect a cryptic crystal is still the job, but as you may have noticed in the trailer, it’s a little more flashy, and the emphasis is very much on the action.

Amplitude has already shown a couple (opens in new tab) of heroes (opens in new tab)but you can take a much closer look by registering at Amplitude has driven this kind of collaborative development for nearly all of its games, and it’s even spread to other Sega studios like Relic, which it’s using for Company of Heroes 3.

Subscribing means you will have access to parts of the game where you can test specific features and give your feedback during development. Endless Dungeon looks like it’s going to be a lot more fun with a few friends in tow, so talk to some of them to register while you’re at it.

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