Pimax’s 5k and 8k VR headsets are cheap in this flash sale

Virtual reality gaming at home has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years. The great success of easy-to-use wireless units like the Oculus Quest 2 has proven that VR is relatively easy to use for virtually any level of consumer. But VR is also an experience, and for those wanting a higher quality version of that experience, they’ll have to pay a little extra and opt for something like a Pimax. The good news is that for the next six hours these prices are much better than usual.

Pimax is known for making high quality VR headsets, which are at great prices right now on the company’s instant sale. The brand is known for absolutely demolishing its Kickstarter goal of making 8k headsets by 2017, and now continues to specialize in VR equipment. This includes 5K and 8k headphones with a 200-degree field of view that we feel it made all the difference in the tests.

There are a variety of headphones and other products included in the the flash sale. The cheapest offered is the Pimax 5k Plus, which usually retails for $699. It’s currently under $489, which is over $200 off. This unit has a resolution of 2.5K per eye with a refresh rate of up to 144Hz. It also has that cool 200-degree view we were talking about before, putting it immediately ahead of the curve of most other headphones.

Those who truly want the best of the best that Pimax has to offer can get the Vision 8k X on sale for $1135, below $1,335. This provides the 8k definition that wowed us in the same tests, while retaining the extra field of view. The headset lets you choose between native and upscaled resolution in real-time, so even if 8k isn’t working very well with some games, they should still get great clarity.

Both headphones will also be eligible for the ‘Pimaxian’ loyalty program, which offers significant discounts when upgrading your headphones in the future. Like New 12k drive just around the cornerif you want to upgrade, staying on the ground floor with one of these is not a bad idea.

Other options in the sale of Pimax include mystery box options that are configured to include at least 1 refurbished headset. There are two layers of the box, one goes for $399 USD while the another one will cost you $549. You can visit each one’s page for some more details, but at the end of the day it’s a gamble on what you get. If you’re not too concerned about what kind of headphones you’re looking for and need to stick to a budget, these are a great price, especially now during the promotion.

All current sales also come with other offers if you want to add accessories or other accessories. Things like cool sword controllers and tracking modules which can increase your configuration. All of this is listed on the product pages, so you can plan your purchase.

They really look like great deals on excellent VR headsets, which don’t come along every day. Offers are available in multiple regions including US, EU and AU, and you can still get an additional discount for completing the Pimax customer survey before you buy. But they are limited and not much time left.

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