PC builder creates leaning tower of RAM, somehow PC still boots

Have you ever wondered how many RAM risers you can add to a PC and keep it running? Didn’t even know there was a RAM riser until now? The answer to the first question, according to a PC maker’s tests, is five. And the answer to the second question is yes, there are. Why you want to increase the height of your RAM is another matter, but they do exist.

Experimental PC builder mryeester is one we can thank for this newfound knowledge. They used what appears to be DDR4 memory test protection risers in series to create a wall of system RAM.

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Despite loading a total of five RAM risers into his system, it still booted. Apparently there was some difficulty starting it up, but generally the system still worked as intended.

Six risers was too many, however. The system refused to boot, and this is due to the loss of signal from adding so many unnecessary circuits.

If you want more information, if you are seriously considering doing this (you are), mryeester also uploaded a video to Youtube with more information on RAM performance with all that extra height. Unsurprisingly, the results suggest that the more you add, the worse your RAM will perform. Although it is perhaps surprising that there is not a huge loss of performance as a result of stacking risers up to the skies.

Until it doesn’t boot, that is.

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