Patrick’s Parabox is your new indie puzzle darling

Many standalone puzzles start with a very simple premise, like “what if you could put boxes inside other boxes”, and end with absolute madness like “I have seven layers of boxes and they seem to have started out endlessly recurring. “

Such is Patrick’s Parabox, a Sokoban box pushing game that has the unique feature that you can push boxes into spaces carved into other boxes. Over 350 well-tutorialized box puzzles, Patrick’s Parabox continually introduces new ideas into its puzzles. Eventually, as I’m sure you’ll notice, it becomes boxes within boxes within boxes… all inside a larger box, accessed perhaps from a door inside the smaller box.

Patrick’s Parabox also sports a melodic electronic soundtrack by Priscilla Snow, also known as buzz. That alone ended up being worth the price of admission, to me. I hadn’t heard of Snow before the game, but I’m a fan now – you can find out soundtrack on bandcamp.

You can find Patrick’s Parabox on Steam and on You can try a free demo anywhere.

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