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Overwatch 2 pro team punished for ‘illegal’ maneuver that even Blizzard admits was fun

A smart move overwatch 2 esports team Florida Mayhem was deemed an ‘illegal stunt’ by Blizzard over the weekend. The team attacked by surprise Paris Eternal’s opponents teleporting up and over a roof, and were forced to redo the round as a result. They won the match in the end, but even Blizzard admits that the forbidden play was fun to watch.

Florida Mayhem’s strategy was based on Mei and Symmetra, two heroes with abilities that can help a team move across maps. At the start of the round, your Mei player placed a wall of ice on top of a nearby roof. Normally this isn’t possible: Mei’s wall usually requires solid, flat terrain to place, but you can occasionally make it work in some parts outside the boundaries of maps. After the Mei Wall was erected, Mayhem’s Symmetra placed a teleporter on top of it to bring the entire team to the roof, surprising their opponents and winning the first team fight with ease.

“You are not allowed to [teleport] on the walls, [Blizzard] talked about this shit last year or some year. You’re not allowed to do that,” said David “Dpei” Pei, a former coach of the Overwatch League. a flow How did it happen.

Mayhem ended up winning the match, but before moving on to the next map, the Overwatch League broadcast was delayed by 20 minutes while Blizzard made the decision. As the broadcast continued, it was announced that they would have to redo their attacking round – which led to a win even without the creative play.

Shortly after the decision, Overwatch League boss Sean Miller said on twitter that this rule was clarified before the start of the season:

“While we understand it was a fun move, the rule here is that using a Mei Wall to reach unusable locations with Symmetra teleport is an exploit and has never been allowed in OWL matches. This rule has been shared with teams and players prior to the release. start of the season.”

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Enigmatic moves, such as using Symmetra’s teleporter to send a Bastion back and forth, are common in casual Overwatch play. Heroes that fly or can leap through the air usually glide or ‘Balance’ on rooftops to land on unconscious enemy players, and Blizzard does not issue bans for this. For the entirety of Overwatch’s history, Blizzard has only removed a handful of the most notorious map-based cheats, usually those that allow you to traverse map geometry and effectively become invisible to enemy players. A piece like Mayhem’s doesn’t look normal – Mei’s wall looks out of place on a sloping roof – but nothing about it feels particularly unfair. If anything, banning this limits the creativity made possible by the unique cast of characters.

In pro-level games, this kind of tactic is fun to watch, even if, as most Overwatch players know, it only works once or twice before a team starts waiting and getting around it. Consistency is fair play in the pro game, but it’s not necessarily exciting to watch. Heroes like Symmetra, Doomfist, and Pharah haven’t been used much in Overwatch League history and likely because of the limits placed on map explorations. If you ask me, Blizzard should relax a bit and let their most skilled players use the game’s heroes to the fullest.

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