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Overwatch 2 beta will make a ‘secret’ mercy skill easier to trigger

Overwatch 2 is in beta, and the theme so far is Blizzard’s determination to make slightly less lackluster support heroes. The developer recently made several changes, including giving a super kick to Zenyattaand now he’s looking at the perennial favorite Mercy.

Rather than addition, though, what Blizzard is currently testing is making something that’s already part of their moveset much easier to do.

“As any veteran Mercy player will tell you,” the developer writes in a new update“Mercy’s full potential doesn’t unlock until you’ve learned the techniques that come with her kit – particularly the ‘super jump’. While there are plenty of guides and videos for those wanting to learn the method, it does require a complicated sequence of keystrokes. and conditions that are not accessible or apparent to the average player.”

The ‘super jump’ is a move that requires you to crouch and trigger your Guardian Angel skill before jumping: timing is extremely accurate, requiring a player to reach the skill around 15-20 milliseconds after crouching. This grants a big boost to her jump height and is seen more or less as an essential part of Mercy’s kit. It’s not exactly a secret skill – there are countless guides and tutorials on youtube about the movement – but the time it takes means it can be frustrating for mortals like me.

Blizzard believes that making this existing skill easier to use will improve things for Mercy players, and it’s hard to disagree. After all, Overwatch is supposed to be the affordable competitive shooter, and while there will always be skill-based elements beyond the average player, it seems like making Mercy’s super jump easier to trigger is in keeping with the game’s goals.

“Internally, we’ve started testing improvements to Mercy’s verticality,” writes Blizzard, “leaning towards the unintended consequences of player discovery. We want to take it a step further by making the ‘super jump’ ability more consistent for everyone – not just players who know the (not so) secret technique.

“Mercy’s mobility has always been an essential part of her kit and we will continue to look for ways to accentuate it and make it more accessible for everyone.”

Plus, you know, she’s an angel. She should be flying all over the place, right?

More generally, with the Overwatch 2 beta, Blizzard is happy to have done a decent job with Zenyatta, with the character seeing “overall performance improvements over the weekend”. Support characters remain the “highest tuning priority” for the beta as the developer tries to tweak their toolkits in the Overwatch 2 meta shift from 6vs6 to 5vs5. They will have to go some way, however, to convince our Morgan that Overwatch 2 deserves to be called Overwatch 2.

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