Over 50% of the Top 100 Steam Games Work on the Steam Deck

Portable PC gaming is really coming to the forefront in 2022. New gaming laptops and mobile chips are being announced and of course there is the launch of Steam deck. the laptop Switch gaming PC has been making waves, and Valve is already planning a Steam Deck 2.

What’s been as impressive as the small unit itself is the push for compatibility. They exist tons of games that work on the Steam Deck, but they tend to vary in how well. Fortunately, Steam has a verification system to help people with this process, which ranks games by how well they work with the new hybrid PC console.

for a game to be Verified Steam Deck it has to work perfectly on Steam Deck as well as PC. While there is an unfathomable amount of games on the platform, it’s safe to say that most users probably only care about a few. Top 100 Games on Steam is a pretty safe bet for the games people like, so boiling steam did the math on how many of these games are supported.

It turns out that 28 of the top 100 Steam games are Steam Deck Verified. This includes popular titles like Elden ring, Apex Legends, Valheim, plus 25 other games. It’s really not a bad piece of gaming to be running fine on the new handheld console, but it does get better.

The next step below Steam Deck Verified is the playable Steam Deck. These are games that don’t have as good a Deck experience as you would on a PC, or potentially haven’t been verified yet. They are a safe bet to try and add another 26 games to the top 100 titles list.

Games on this list include Counter-Strike: Source and Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Skyrim. Mostly they are very popular games that are a little bit older so might be a little further down the priority list. Still, taken together, that brings the total to 54 out of 100 of the most popular games on Steam working on the Deck. That’s over 50% for the math geeks out there.

The rest of the top 100 titles fall into the unsupported or untested categories. There are 26 of the top 100 games on Steam listed as unsupported, and for many, the reason is anti-cheat software, which is difficult to implement and work around on the Steam Deck. It is likely that without a significant incentive, most developers will not be able to dedicate resources to making this work, and these games could become unsupported.

That leaves just 20 games yet to rank for the Steam Deck, but honestly, some are still worth it. It’s surprising how many games seem to perform well on the unsupported little machine.

The Steam Deck’s working library of portable PC games is already quite impressive and looks set to grow. Looks 2022 Could Really Be the Year of the Steam Deck.

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