Outriders Worldslayer Expansion Looks Like a Different Game

Outriders, the third-person shooter released by People can Fly last year, is getting a new expansion called Worldslayer, and it’s coming soon. A trailer for the DLC aired during the PC game show 2022 (opens in new tab).

When People Can Fly unveiled Worldslayers in April, it called the expansion the “ultimate version of Outriders”. Worldslayers is a new story that picks up on the main story of Outriders. You can tag an existing character for the expansion or create a new level 30 character on the spot. The new story also has a new villain, Ereshkigal, the “commander of a new human faction called the Insurgents against the backdrop of Enoch’s climate undergoing cataclysmic changes”.

These cataclysmic changes appear to be the start of a new ice age for Enoch. Where the base game explored jungles, volcanoes and arid deserts, Worldslayer will show the colder side of Enoch. With the expansion will also come a new endgame designed specifically around Worldslayer content called Trial of Tarya Gratar, which is great news if you were an Outriders player who wanted to keep to the grind but hit a hard wall with your repetitive end-game missions.

Worldslayers will not add any entirely new classes, but will include several new skill trees for all four existing classes. There’s one for the Pyromancer called the “Gunblazer”, which sounds damn cool.

Outriders Worldslayer will be released on June 30th on all known video game platforms at this time. For new players, there will also be a version that comes with the original Outriders.

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