Oops, the first expansion of Forza Horizon 5 accidentally leaked

Oh dear, it looks like someone may have hit a button a little too early on the first expansion for Forza Horizon 5. A Steam listing was available just a few hours ago, revealing that the first expansion is yet another collaboration with Hot Wheels.

Some with eagle eyes redditors (opens in new tab) saw the updated Steam listing in the early hours of June 9th. She was quickly destroyed, but not before a file (opens in new tab) was created that includes the Hot Wheels miniature for the game’s first expansion. This marks the third Forza Horizon game to receive DLC from the toy car brand – Forza Horizon 3 also had a full Hot Wheels expansion, while Forza Horizon 4 had a more modest offering with a six-pack Hot Wheels vehicles.

Considering the listing appeared so close to the upcoming Xbox showcase on June 12, there’s a good chance we’ll see its official reveal during that presentation. There’s still no sign of what the promised second expansion will be, and we’re unlikely to find out anytime soon.

Forza Horizon 5 was a hit at PC Gamer’s office when it launched in November. Phil Savage gave a 90 in your review (opens in new tab), finding that while it mostly kept the same formula as previous entries, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. also won our GOTY Award 2021 (opens in new tab) for the best open world because wow, Mexico is awesome.

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