OlliOlli World adds skater-kidnapping aliens

The first OlliOlli World expansion, Void Riders, has been released on Steam. It sees “skeezy” extraterrestrials trying to abduct heroic human skaters for Nebulord’s purposes, and introduces a new alien biome as well as a bunch of challenges and cosmetics.

The expansion also changes existing levels and introduces a bunch of alien skaters. The big addition to the gameplay is tractor beams, which are dotted with re-jigged levels and new biomes, and can be used to gain height and maximize your time to perform tricks. Anti-gravity skating!

The expansion adds 15 levels, four bosses and several difficult challenges. Don’t let the expansion’s lighthearted psychedelic aesthetic gloss over the fact that this is intended to put players through the wringer, with the ultimate goal of challenging a skater known only as the Hyped One. Apparently there’s cow abduction going on too: I’m not sure how that works, but it also says here that the expansion includes a cow jumpsuit.

Void Riders is now on Steam (opens in new tab), and free for players who purchased the expansion pass. This is one of two planned expansions for OlliOlli World, which our resident skate guru Nat called (opens in new tab)“a wonderfully surreal skate paradise, a vibrant rhythmic platformer played on grind rails and halfpipes.” Neon-clad aliens doing anti-gravity kickflips certainly seem to fit this bill.

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