Nvidia’s RTX 40 series set to launch in July

Rumor has been swirling as the launch of the next generation of RTX 40 series graphics cards based on the Ada Lovelace architecture approaches. New information suggests that the next-gen cards will launch even earlier than expected, perhaps in August, if not July.

The new rumor comes courtesy of the well-known leaker Kopite7kimi, which mentioned the start of the third quarter, which could indicate a July launch. A Gamescom launch in August is also a distinct possibility, but that would mean a mid-to-late Q3 launch. there is always Jensen’s kitchen. Assuming the launch takes place in the early or mid-3rd quarter, it will be sooner than we expected, with September or October being considered a likely release window previously. An earlier release would almost certainly give it a big advantage over rival AMD and possibly even beat Intel in launching its Arc series of cards.

let’s not forget about it Computex is making a comeback this year, albeit in a scaled-down format due to ongoing Covid considerations. Nvidia is scheduled to hold a keynote on May 23. One of the speakers is Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of GeForce. It is unlikely that we will get any information from the RTX 40 as Jensen himself is likely to announce it. Don’t rule out the possibility of a teaser, though.

It is believed that high-end cards will be released first. They make halo headlines and production numbers don’t have to be as high as would be the case for a mainstream release. This is supported by the fact that we hear little about the other GPUs in the range apart from a few codenames and possible shader counts.

All indicators point to the high-end AD102 being a GPU monster. At the same time it was speculated that Ada Lovelace was closer to an evolution of Ampere than something entirely new, but that seems to have changed in recent months. Nvidia seems to be struggling to maintain its faster GPU crown. certainly a 900W GPU is a step too farbut now that the RTX 3090 Ti has crossed the 450W limit, those 600W rumors are increasingly accurate.

A TDP of 600W would mean third-party boards can include dual 16-pin power connectors, for more than 1KW of possible power delivery. Just let it happen. The RTX 4090 may need each of those 600 watts to power it. Up to 18432 cores and 96MB of L2 cache alone would provide dramatic performance gains over the 10752 cores and 6MB L2 cache of the 450W RTX 3090 Ti. But add in other architectural improvements, revised RT and Tensor cores and there’s no doubt the RTX 4090 is set. to be a pixel monster pushing a card. AMD will have its work cut out to take the throne.

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