Nvidia is preparing the entry-level GTX 1630

Nvidia is preparing a new entry-level GPU, the GTX 1630. It would be the first new entry-level graphics card that Nvidia has released since the launch of GTX 1650 Super in late 2019, which was an upgrade from the GTX 1650.

The rumor comes through video cardz. According to its sources, the GTX 1630 will replace the GTX 1050 Ti. Incredibly, the 1050 Ti is approaching six years old, but it is still sold in a number of world markets. This shows how much Nvidia has neglected the entry-level market. It’s a bit surprising to see that Nvidia doesn’t offer integrated graphics solutions for desktops.

Could the GTX 1630 be a new Ampere generation GPU? It seems unlikely given the GTX branding. Most likely it’s a Turing generation GPU, perhaps a TU117 with a lower shader count.

AMD competes with its RX 6500XT and RX 6400 models. While their gaming performance is reasonable, they are hampered by some poor design choices, including a PCIe x4 connection, dual video outputs, and a lack of AV1 decoding support.

Even though the gaming performance of the GTX 1630 is weaker than that of AMD cards, if it can include an updated graphics engine, support for three monitors and an 8x PCIe connection without needing external power, I believe the GTX 1630 could be a very successful card for Nvidia. It covers a wide range of clients, giving casual gamers to HTPC and workstation users something they enjoy.

The market has yet to recover from the effects of the pandemic, the shortage of components and the impact of mining demand. Since Nvidia is certainly selling all the highest-margin chips it can get from its vendors, why would it use its limited wafer allocation on low-margin GPUs? Times are changing, and as slow as that change is, Nvidia likely sees an opportunity to reassert itself in the entry-level market now that things are slowly getting back to normal.

There’s currently no word on availability or pricing, but considering the GTX 1650 retails for around $200 (£185, AU$299), we can obviously expect the GTX 1630 to fall into that.

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