Nvidia GeForce Experience rewards for Genshin Impact are the meanest yet

As a bit of a Genshin Impact fan, I’m always excited to hear about any in-game freebies that are on offer. While some of Genshin Impact’s features are notoriously difficult to obtain at higher levels, there are plenty of small events on the web to help provide them here and there. Things like the daily check-in page can really help put a few more Mora and Cousins ​​in your pocket when you need them.

At the moment, Nvidia and Genshin Impact have joined forces to offer rewards to those who use Nvidia’s GeForce Experience app. Any PC gamer with a fairly recent Nvidia-branded card probably is, or can at least download it and get started for free. Not that I necessarily recommend doing it for what’s on offer.

The incredible reward in this free GeForce bundle includes 20,000 Mora, four Mystic Enchantment Ores, and two Hero’s Wit. If you don’t play Genshin Impact, it’s impossible to know what it all means, but it really is a pittance, and there are dozens of ways to earn these specific features in the game with relatively little effort.

Still, free is free, so I loaded up GeForce Experience on my PC to try and claim the rewards. According to the information page of Nvidia website, you not only need an Nvidia and GeForce account, but you also need to opt in to your rewards. I couldn’t find an option that only lets you opt in to rewards, and instead I had to tick one that also sends me notifications about game recommendations, which isn’t ideal.

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Going back to my Nvidia GeForce app and I still have no rewards. Nvidia’s website explains that there should be a notification that I can click on the app, but that didn’t show up, and I double-checked my settings a few times. Between logins, very slow loading pages on the Nvidia side, and some other issues, it took me about half an hour to try to redeem these rewards that I still haven’t received. I could probably earn them in about three minutes into the game.

It’s crazy that a partnership between two big companies seems to be essentially acting as a promotion of Nvidia’s software and mailing lists, offering so little. Especially considering how complicated it seems to even activate. Nvidia even claims that the number of packages offered is finite and could run out. Unless you’re really dying for that Mora, this one doesn’t even seem worth a try.

Hopefully something a little better will be available when the next banner comes out. For those of you rooting for the new Cryo DPS Ayaka, as always, I wish you luck, but I don’t think this particular set of rewards helps much. If you’re looking for help, we have a list of your best builds to really equip you.

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