No one is safe from Destiny’s copyright attacks, not even Bungie

Like any live service game or MMO, a large part of Destiny’s footprint and staying power derives from the ecosystem of content creators that surrounds it. Unfortunately, in recent days, many Destiny content creators, including high-profile ones like MyName√ČByf and aztecrossreceived copyright strikes on their Destiny-related videos.

There has been no change in the content of these videos to justify such a change, and the aggressive and totalizing nature of the crackdown flies in the face of Bungie’s own intellectual property policy. The community of fans living in and around Destiny is effectively free advertising for the game, after all.

In a bizarre twist, the strikes also appear to be affecting from Bungie itself Destiny 2 content on YouTube as well. Bungie has confirmed that neither she nor her partners are behind the DMCA takedowns. Bungie is investigating the issue and we will update this story as soon as we know more.

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The fact that these aggressive copyright attacks are affecting Bungie’s own videos certainly adds a bit of absurd humor to the proceedings, but content creators who focus on Destiny effectively cannot make a living under current conditions. Equal to Twitch harassment issues or OnlyFans payment processing failedThis wave of DMCA takedowns against creators on YouTube is a reminder of how people who create digital content can easily have their careers jeopardized by the whims of the platforms they upload to.

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