Neopets jumps to 4.1 million visits per month, but is now surprisingly ravaged by cheaters

Neopets was an incredibly popular browser-based universe – full of fairies, aliens, and legendary pups born in battle. Since its inception in the late 1990s, it has seen millions of users walk by, playing games to earn Neopoints to feed, dress, and fight their Neopets, or venture out into the strange and eclectic world before them.

It was a dream to have such an expansive, free world at my fingertips as a tween, but there’s a darker side to this adorable pet site that I probably should have seen back then, and it’s only gotten more devious over the years. .

In the early 2000s, the Total number of Neopets users peaked at around 25 million and while it cannot match that number today, it had 4.1 million site visits this month alone. A few years ago it was It is estimated to have around 100,000 active daily users. The pandemic-induced nostalgia trips that many of us find ourselves in translated into a pretty noticeable spike as well. At least, that’s why I found myself here again, back to relive my teenage years and reinvigorate my love of browser-based shenanigans.

The Neopets website was my first introduction to adventures, collectibles, interest rates… oh and gambling, come to think of it. At age 11, you’d find me there, learning the ins and outs of alley poker, playing round after round of roulette, or even trying my luck at auctions. I think I even had a shot at the Neopets stock market, but found I wasn’t cut out for the high roller lifestyle.

The play-to-win games on the site were built with the now defunct Adobe Flash, but most were saved from the fate that befell many other games at the time. They don’t even look like they’ve been updated since I was about 11 (I’ll be 30 next week), and from the looks of it you still seem to earn the same amount of Neopoints from them.

(Image credit: Neopets)

That is, as long as the now-pretty-strange site doesn’t take its ultra-high score suspiciously and refuse to hand over its hard-earned points (I’m still pretty upset about it, if you can’t tell). It is understandable, however, with the amount of cheating that is evident in recent press coverage.

Neopets hackers range from black market pet thieves to those who feel morally obligated to steal rare items from inactive players to keep the economy going.

Neopets is also coming out of an NFT phase, and when I think back, it seems like the site’s play-to-win nature really lent itself to a cryptographic handshake. The NFT Neopets Metaverse Schema was announced by the site’s CEO in September 2021, apparently unbeknownst to the core teamand was quickly protested into oblivion thanks to the site’s loyal fans.

Today you can buy a well-used Neopets account along with all your rare items for around $200-400, which is very much against the site’s terms of service.

Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon for a collaboration since the recent influx of pandemic players such as cake worthy clothing that make the most adorable Neopets themed clothing and accessories. and you still can buy plush from the store for $10.

So, if you’re feeling nostalgic, I encourage you to give the site another chance, and while you’re at it, perhaps check that your rare items haven’t been looted in your absence.

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