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Mr Bean NFTs Launched at the Same Time as the Cryptocurrency Crash: Coincidence?

On May 9, Yahoo Finance reported that Mr Bean, the silent British television buffoon co-created and played by Rowan Atkinson, would make his debut on the NFT in a joint venture between FOMO Lab and Banijay.

“I think this is a great idea,” Atkinson said of the project. “Any initiative that not only attracts attention, but also provides access to the fabulous artwork associated with the Mr Bean Animation series, I welcome with open arms.”

The announcement was inappropriate. Cryptocurrencies in general are plummeting in value, including pillars such as Bitcoin and Ethereumand the so-called stablecoin, Ropehas fluctuated alarmingly.

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Mr Bean got a pass for his antics for a long time, but this could be the funny thing resistance piece: Bringing down an entire subset of the economy with an undertaking so reckless that it took everyone off the cryptocurrency craze?

Okay, probably not. Bitcoin and Etherreum began to decline in value at the beginning of the month, days before we had any suspicion that Rowan Atkinson’s character would be making his blockchain debut. It is far more likely that the countless other concerns about blockchain-based assets have finally broken the spell, shaking confidence in their value and ending at least the current chapter of cryptomania.

It can be seen from this chart that the price of Bitcoin actually started to drop after the Bean NFT announcement, but we cannot jump to conclusions from this observation. (Image credit: CoinDesk)

Still, this bad timing may speak to greater artistic merit for the 3,333-piece series of non-fungible tokens, even if their monetary value is doomed from the start. Bean remains famous, after all these years, a jester, a clown and a dingo. Last year’s numerous NFT tie-ins were rightly mocked, but what could be more buffoon, more clown, more sloppy Than take a bite of the apple in this one of all times?

My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings. (Image credit: FOMO Labs)

The official FOMO Lab discord has a “#show-us-your-bean!” channel opened in anticipation of the launch of the collection. It remains empty as future bean keepers still can’t do their shopping, but I still find it sinister, desolate even in the face of current events.

As his NFT collection is doomed to fail, perhaps now Bean will receive just punishment for the indignities he has caused the good people of England over years of idiotic antics.

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