Monkey Island returns in Return to Monkey Island

The legendary Lucasarts adventure series monkey island will return later this year with an all-new game, aptly titled Return to Monkey Island, led by original series creator Ron Gilbert.

Return to Monkey Island is being developed by Gilbert’s Terrible Toybox studio in collaboration with Devolver Digital and Lucasfilm gamesthe legendary studio imprint resurrected by Disney in early 2021. The announcement trailer doesn’t reveal anything about the story (or why Ron Gilbert agreed to make another Monkey Island game after all these years), but the game will move on. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revengeand apparently has nothing to do with Telltale’s 2009 Tales from Monkey Islandthe last game in the series.

Gilbert separately revealed that he’s been working on Return to Monkey Island for the past two years, “in complete secrecy.”

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Gilbert isn’t the only LucasArts luminary working on the new game: Dave Grossman, a writer and programmer on the Monkey Island series and a pile of other Lucas adventures, is also taking part:

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I’ve always been more of a fan of Sam and Max/Full Throttle, but the Monkey Island games, which follow the adventures of would-be pirate (and occasional fool) Guybrush Threepwood, are widely considered the pinnacle of LucasArts Age of Adventure. He is, however, a master of Insult Swordfighting, which I hope (and honestly hope) will return in the new game.

Return to Monkey Island is scheduled to be released later this year. Learn more at returntomonkeyisland. with.

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