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Megachill tile placement game with a strange name, Dorfromantik, is out

The delightful Dorfromantik casual game is finally finished, with its 1.0 update being released last week. It’s a game that I find profoundly lighthearted, where you place small hexagonal tiles with field slices to try to fulfill cute goals… that give you more tiles… until you run out of tiles. Then you start over. It’s all set for a lovely soundtrack that has six new tracks for release.

Others called it “zen-like” and “chill” and “meditative” and I’m going so far as to call this game a megachill. Megachill is, of course, when a game is so cold that you completely lose track of time and play it over and over again. So casual that it becomes completely absorbing. Dorfromantik is megachill.

Dorfromantik has a lot of features the last year of early access, with all sorts of UI and quality of life, plus performance improvements. It also has new tiles to place and biomes to build, as well as several new game modes. The new update lets you add all sorts of custom rules to your own plays.

You can find Dorfromantik on Steam for $14 but 30% off until May 5th.

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